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Fast High Voltage MOSFET Switches

Technical Info for MHVSW Model Switches

Switches now have improved capabilities, infinite on time and a mazimum repetition rate of 150kHz. Short bursts at higher repetition rates are possible, please contact us for details. An activie cooling option is also available.

Switches are constructed from N-Channel Power MOSFETs in a stacked configuration. Multiple gate driver circuits, switch on/off the MOSFETs. The gate drivers provide a high degree of isolation and allow the switch to float at up to 12 kV or 40kV depending on the model. Through careful design, the gate drivers are sychnronized to within a small fraction of the rise/fall time of each individual MOSFET essentially switching the MOSFETs at the same time. This careful design also results in low trigger delay and trigger jitter.

Because of careful gate driver design, switching noise in our products is low. Allowing for better signals to noise ratio in you application.

Technical Documents:
Safe Operation
Block Diagram Standard Models
Operation Notes Standard Models
Options Standard Models
Standard High Side Switch
Standard Low Side Switch
Pulse Generation with Standard Switch
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